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The ideal treatment for preserving wood over time depends on its type and location. Different needs can be met by specific varnishes requiring different coats of the product.

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How to make it last? By protecting it

A complete treatment consists of the following coats.
1. Apply a coloured preservative such as Lignex Lasur Extra or Imprägnierlasur.
2. For the most exposed areas and/or to obtain a better finish, we recommend a further protective coat with a wax-effect impregnating finish such as Lignex Renova Plus or UV Lasur.

How to refresh it? By taking care of it

If the wood has previously been treated with a biological protector, all it needs is to be refreshed with a coloured impregnating finish. How to proceed?
Treatment process
1. Clean the parts to be treated to remove any dirt and dust.
2. Rub down with medium-grain (120 – 140) sandpaper along the grain of the wood, removing any old varnish no longer anchored to the surface. If the wood requires as-new sanding down, follow the instructions for “New Outdoor Wood”.
3. Finally apply a wax-effect impregnating finish such as Lignex Renova Plus or UV Lasur.

How to restore its original good looks? With some extra precautions

The wood is deeply degraded. The surface lignin has been attacked by sunlight, turning it grey and the weakened lignin has been washed away by rain water. How to proceed?
Treatment process
You can sand the wood down, restoring it as new or alternatively
A. Brightening technique
1. With a brass brush remove the part of the wood that has turned grey and is no longer solid.
2. Apply the wood brightener Polilac and let it act.
3. Clean the surface with plenty of water and use a sorghum brush.
4. At this point the wood will have returned to its natural colour, if it has not, repeat the process and then follow the  instructions for “New Outdoor Wood”.
B. Wood effect technique
1. Clean the parts to be treated to remove any dirt and dust.
2. Apply Lignex Renova Plus in one of the covering tints (white, ochre and beige).
3. Finish with Lignex Renova Plus using the colour of your choice.

How to keep them looking good? Treat them well

Window, shutter and door fittings are subject to the action of sunlight and bad weather such as rain, wind, smog and dust. There are three situations to consider.
A. New wood must be protected with a coat of a coloured wood preservative such as Lignex Lasur Extra or Imprägnierlasur, and then finished with Lignex UV Filter or UV Stop.
B. To refresh wood use Fresko, a revitalising oil for varnished/painted doors and windows. It brightens up doors and windows that have turned dull over time.
1. Clean any dust and grease off the fitting.
2. Apply Fresko with a paint brush or damp cloth.
C. The fitting needs re-touching or restoring
– Re-touching process
1. Rub down the surface to be re-touched.
2. With a paint brush apply a finishing coat such as Lignex UV Filter or UV Stop.
– Restoring process (see the instructions for “New Outdoor Wood”).

Additional information:
– When biological protection against destructive fungus is required, the fitting should be pre-treated with a protective primer such as Lignex Grund BPlv.
– To obtain the best-looking result, rub down the fitting between each coat using fine-grain sandpaper (240 – 280).