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Amonn meets the innovation challenge head on with our highly-motivated, expert team of researchers, continually formulating and testing products in the various sectors to meet ever-changing market needs.
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Amonn technology is the fruit of constant updating of all our protective paint and varnishing systems, in both the research and development and testing phases. Our highly-qualified team of researchers have state-of-the-art equipment on hand to study the behaviour of our products.Two sophisticated testing centres at the facilities in Korneuburg (Austria) and Ponte nelle Alpi (Italy), are the beating heart of Amonn innovation. These centres test the wood protection systems, the intumescent and fire-retardant properties of our products, the anti-corrosion systems for sheet metal roofs and adhesives and varnishes for parquet.Our painstaking research processes provide priceless information not only for product development but also create a fundamental experimental knowledge-base for our consultancy services when choosing the right system.Amonn products are all developed on the basis of the knowledge we have acquired over the decades we have been working in the market with different operators in specific sectors.