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Cloe Calathea

Water-based impregnating colouring agent with natural resins

CLOE CALATHEA is a water-based impregnating wood stain with natural resins, free of added solvents and volatile organic compounds. It penetrates deeply, does not film, does not crack and highlights the wood grain with a brilliant effect. Its special formula is characterised by its excellent flow, which avoids unsightly colour streaks.


DID YOU KNOW… Calathea, originally from South America, is a plant belonging to the Marantaceae family. As well as being a pleasant houseplant, it has the ability to purify the air and help keep indoor environments healthy.

Uso interno/esterno
Informazioni sul prodotto


  • Colours the wood, brightening it up
  • Does not film or crack
  • Excellent flow even when applied by hand
  • Enhances the wood grain
  • Leaves the pores of the wood open and controls the exchange of moisture between the wood and the air
  • Contains active ingredients to protect the film from micro-organisms



For treatments on wood not in direct contact with the ground or water in indoor and protected outdoor environments. Suitable for application by hand as well as with impregnating machines and in particular with air/brush machines. For wood completely exposed to weathering, weather protection needs to be increased with CLOE ALICANTO.


Total declaration of raw materials

Water, borates, vegetable resins, natural oils, glycerine, casein, silica, soya lecithin, cellulose, xanthan gum, attapulgite, ammonium hydrate, sodium hydroxide, IPBC, mineral pigments depending on the shade (coloured pigments, mineral oxides, ultramarine pigments, bone black).

FREE FROM: acrylic, polyurethane, vinyl and alkyd resins of petrochemical origin.

Total VOC (volatile organic compounds) declaration

Non-film-forming impregnating agents for wood (cat A/f) according to Directive 2004/42/EC. The EU limit value for this product is 130 g/l. This product contains 0 g/l VOC.


Drying time

Approx. 2– 4 hours, depending on the type of wood.


15 – 17 m²/l, per coat depending on the wood absorption



0.75l  – 2,5 l – 5 l – 20 l



S21 honey; S10 light walnut; S14 Douglas; S04 walnut; S34 dark walnut.

Also available in “S00 colourless”



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