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For the extension of its corporate headquarters, Microtec, has embellished its building with an extraordinary artistic facade, conceived on the basis of geometric theorems. As many as 5,542 individual strips with 78 different geometries and 3,818 joining elements have been designed and cut with millimeter precision, to be then assembled with the larger elements. Based on the client’s idea, the façade was conceived on the basis of precise geometric theorems, namely the combination of Escher’s three hexagons with a network of triangles. Just like the artist in his extraordinary metamorphoses, this creation conveys the impression of movement. The result is a light structure that wraps around the building. Some red triangles recall Napoleon’s theorem who, like Escher, was a brilliant mathematician by passion and the silver coloring of the wood, which simulates larch wood once grayed by time, further embellishes this artistic achievement.


The challenge: Offer a durable and protective decorative cycle in harmony with the developed artistic concept.

The solution: Special effect impregnating agent Aquaprofi Effektlasur FK – color 555 Torino – Collezione Le città