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Eco-sustainable, comfortable, multifunctional and “social”; the newsstand of the future was built in Piazza della Resistenza Partisan in Milan. The innovative project, by Rubner Haus and ABC-Architetti Barban Cappellari of Vicenza, is the contemporary evolution of the newspaper stand, and offers a warm and welcoming space. The newsstand is an example of the architecture of the future, which cares about the environment and becomes a point of meeting and social interaction for the whole community. Made entirely of wood, the newsstand is also inspired by nature in its aesthetics, closing at night and opening during the day like a flower. Its double structure allows it to take on a compact appearance when closed, with anthracite-coloured steel edging and profiles, and to show visible wooden parts painted in dark grey/silver by day.

The challenge: A cycle of enhanced, artificial graying that would allow the wood to uniformly gray over time and would allow the whole structure to integrate itself into the metropolitan environment.

The solution: Artificial aging cycle with impregnating agents containing aluminum powder