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The ideal treatment involves the use of protective oils which are more than just a wood-care product, they are a true elixir of life that maintains the beauty of outdoor furniture, decking and other structures over many years. The treatment is easy to apply, just taking a few precautions and following these instructions.
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Wooden garden furniture and decking need special protection and the oils in the Garten range take gentle care of wood maintaining its beauty in the most natural way.This type of oil penetrates deep into the wood protecting it from inside, preventing splits and cracks appearing in the protective film and slowing down the greying process caused by sunlight and water. It also enhances the wood’s beauty, nourishing it with its special ingredients and preserving its natural grain. Ideal as an initial protective treatment for new wood, or to restore the good looks of “lived-in” wood.

A simple guide:

The right choice

  • The individual formula, concentration of pigmentation and degree of UV protection of each oil determines its use in  specific environments. The most suitable oil can be chosen in two ways, on the basis of the wood to be treated or the  way in which it is to be used.

Correct use

  • New wood: while an initial protective treatment is essential, it is not a good idea to do this immediately on new  furniture. It is preferable to wait a few months to allow the pores of the wood to open, making it possible for the oil to  be better absorbed.
  • Routine maintenance: to preserve the beauty of the wood and keep all its features intact, it is advisable to perform annual maintenance.
  • Wood in need of restoration: when the furniture, decking or other wooden structures have turned grey and are showing signs of wear and tear, it is necessary to do some restoration work. In this case a brightening cleaner should be used to get rid of dirt and brighten up the wood. After that the oil can be used, chosen on the basis of its use or colouring.

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