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Water-based impregnating treatment for home environments

Beautiful and healthy. – Lignex Aqualasur is a protective and decorative impregnating treatment that is especially recommended for interiors, as well as covered outdoor environments. Its special formula, which is free of VOCs, helps keep the environment healthy.

Parziale stabilità dimensionale
Non a stabilità dimensionale
Informazioni sul prodotto


  • Enhances the wood’s natural grain
  • Does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Leaves the pores of the wood open and controls the exchange of moisture between the wood and the air
  • Regulates absorption in wood and produces uniform colouring even on more difficult types of wood
  • Makes wood water-resistant.


Fields of use
As an impregnating treatment on wood with no dimensional stability and not in direct contact with the soil and water, such as beams, boarding, coverings in attics and other woodwork in general both in indoor and covered outdoor environments. The formula makes it the perfect product for healthy interiors.

Drying time
After about 2 – 4 hours, depending on the type of wood


12 – 16 m²/l per coat depending on the absorption of the wood and the machine settings


Tin sizes

0,75 l – 2,5 l


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