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Impregnating treatment for wood

Universal impregnating treatment – This impregnating treatment provides ideal protection for all outdoor wooden surfaces. It is particularly suitable for rural environments and gardens for the treatment of coverings, fencing or haylofts. Protects the wood against atmospheric agents and controls damp.

Macchina impregnatrice
Stabilità dimensionale
Parziale stabilità dimensionale
Non a stabilità dimensionale
Informazioni sul prodotto


  • Protects the wood
  • Penetrates wood deep down
  • Improves the adhesion and longevity of subsequent coats of paint/varnish
  • Emphasises and enhances the wood’s natural grain



Used to impregnate wood not subject to dimensional stability and not in direct contact with the soil or with water, for example fencing, haylofts and coverings in rural environments and gardens. Also recommended as a basecoat for treating elements with dimensional stability such as external doors and windows.


Drying time

After about 8 hours depending on the type of wood



about 10-16 m²/l per coat


0.750l – 2.5l – 5l – 25l and 200*l – 1.000*l


Recommended treatments

    • 2 – 3 x Imprägnierlasur
  • To increase the lifetime of the treatment we recommend using UV Lasur:
    • 2 x Imprägnierlasur
    • 1 x UV Lasur
  • On wood with dimensional stability use UV Stop:
    • 1 x Imprägnierlasur
    • 1 x UV Stop
  • For biological protection a protective primer such as Lignex Grund BPIv should be used.


* Only on request.

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