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Aquaprofi Protektor PIvT

Complete water-based wood preserving treatment

Fundamental protection – Aquaprofi Protektor PIvT is a ready-to-use water-based wood preserving treatment recommended for protecting wood from fungi that damage it and from wood-boring insects including termites.  In the case of wood already attacked by xylophagous insects, it also has a curative function. The product is suitable for use in use classes 1, 2 and 3 of the EN 335-1 standard and is registered according to BPR.

Impregnating machine
Flow Coating
Dimensional stability
Partial dimensional stability
Not dimensionally stable
Product information

Technical features

  • Provides wood with preventative protection against destructive fungi and xylophagous insects including termites
  • Treats wood attacked bywood-boring insects
  • Penetrates the wood deep-down.
  • Efficay tested according to EN 599-1



Suitable as a primer for impregnation work on wood outdoors that is not in direct contact with the ground or water, such as façade cladding, balconies, garage doors, wooden houses, beams, woodwork, doors and windows.



Efficay tested according to EN 599-1. Registered under EU Biocidal Products Regulation BPR Nr. 528/2012.



  • IT/2020/00702/MRP/1-4
  • DE-0014303-04-0004-08
  • FR-2019-0075-04
  • ES/MRF(NA)-2019-08-00630-4-1
  • CZ-0021980-0004
  • SI-0020833-0000
  • UP/I-543-04/19-12/22-04/1
  • HU-2019-MA-08-00271-4001
  • ΤΠ8-0130-ΟΠ-4

Protecition / Active ingredients

From xylophagous insects, termites and destroying fungi (PIvT); contains permethrin, propiconazole and  3-iodo-2-propinylbutylcarbamate


Drying time

After about 2 – 4 hours, depending on the type of wood.


Quantity to apply:

  • as a as a preventative treatment against destructive fungi and insects 160 – 200 g / m 2
  • as a preventative treatment against destructive fungi and curative treatment against insects: 300 g/m2

Do not apply more than the maximum amount.


20 l – 100* l – 1.000* l



00 colourless


* Only on request

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