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Aquaprofi Oil FK

Water based oil for outdoor wood

UV shield – Ideal for the protection and enhancement of all outdoor woods, from floors to facade cladding. Its formulation with the addition of latest generation UV filters considerably extends maintenance intervals. Fades over time, does not peel. Contains active ingredients that protect the film from micro-organisms.

Impregnating machine
Partial dimensional stability
Not dimensionally stable
Product information


  • High protection against UV rays and humidity
  • Allows fast application times
  • Contains active ingredients that protect the film from micro-organisms
  • Wears off evenly over time, without flaking
  • Easy maintenance, without sanding
  • Water-resistant
  • Penetrates deep into the wood and leaves the pores open



Ideal for the first treatment and maintenance of wood outdoors, without constant contact with the ground and water, eg. facades, terraces, garden furniture.


Protection / Active ingredients

Film provided with protection from micro-organisms (FK); contains 3-iodo-2-propynylbutyl-carbamate.


dust dry after about 1 hour, can be handled after about 2 hours, can be over-painted after 4 – 48 hours.



approx. 12 – 18 m² / l per coat, depending on the type of wood



20 l – 100* l – 1.000* l



00 colorless, 13 Pine, 01 Oak, 10 Light Walnut, 02 Larch, 27 Teak, 04 Walnut, 82 Moss gray, 85 Light gray, 86 Dark gray, 87 Brown gray, 88 Quartz gray.


* Only on request.

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