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Aquaprofi Holzlasur FK

Protective impregnating treatment

Classic impregnating treatment – Aquaprofi Holzlasur FK is a protective and decorative impregnating treatment which withstands the elements. The special coloured pastes and additives in the formula help create a more even surface, whether it is applied by brush, machine or immersion. It contains active ingredients that protect the film from microorganisms.

Impregnating machine
Partial dimensional stability
Not dimensionally stable
Product information

Technical Features

  • Leaves the pores of the wood open and controls the exchange of moisture between the wood and the air
  • Regulates the absorption in wood
  • Egalises brush stroke lines
  • Ideal for application with brush, machine or immersion
  • Makes wood water-resistant.
  • Offers good weather resistance
  • Contains active ingredients that protect the film from micro-organisms



Impregnating treatments for wood without dimensional stability which is not in direct contact with soil or water, such as claddings for façades, balconies, wooden buildings, beams, carpentry, etc. Its formula makes it suitable for the most common application methods.


Protection / Active ingredients 

Film provided with protection from micro-organisms (FK); contains 3-iodo-2-propynylbutyl carbamate.

Drying time

After about 2 – 4 hours, depending on the type of wood.



10 – 14 m²/l per coat depending on the absorption of the wood and the machine settings.



5 l – 20 l – 100* l



00 colourless, 01 oak, 02 larch, 04 walnut – 10 light walnut – 27 teak – 91 covering white


* Only on request.

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