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Pigmented fire retardant - B s2 d0



Reference standard: UNI EN 13501-1
Reaction to fire: Class B s2 d0
Fire exposure: Wooden wall or ceiling elements
Type of wood: Wood and wood derivatives, neither containing air cavities nor assembled with thermoplastic glues
Protection system: Pigmented fire retardant cycle consisting of Amotherm Wood 461 SB and top coat Amotherm Wood 461 Top SB
Consumption: From 0.35 kg/m2 (0.20 kg/m2 of Amotherm Wood 461 SB and 0.15kg/m2 of Amotherm Wood 461 Top SB)
Technical reference document : Classification report 375286 Istituto Giordano
Dimensions: Unlimited, thickness from 4 mm
Surface preparation: Sanding down to wooden surface to remove old paint or compatibility check. The preliminary use of non-film-forming impregnating treatments is permitted for the decoration or protection of wood

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