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Amotherm Steel WB HI


CE marked, white, reactive (intumescent) water-based varnish for the fire-protection of steel elements and structures. Rated according to the European standard EN 13501 -2 and qualified according to EN 13381-8, recommended for use in indoor environments according to ETAG 018-2. Rated according to European Technical Assessment ETA 21/0390
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Informazioni sul prodotto

Technical features

  • Once in place it looks like a normal varnish.
  • It does not alter the aesthetics of the element
  • Easy to use
  • It does not add weight to the geometry of the structural element to which it is apllied
  • Very slight initial odor, odorless once dry
  • Can be applied as single thick coat (Airless)



Specific for fire protection of structural building element in steel for civil or industrial use. Recommended for indoor use, following application of an anti-corrosion or bonding primer for galvanized structures. Ideal for use in closed environments or where solvent-based products cannot be used.


Drying time

  • 6 – 12 hours at surface
  • 24 – 48 hours at depth



Defined on the basis of the structural element to be protected and the required technical performances.

Recommended treatments


  • 1 x Amotherm Steel Primer Epoxy SB on galvanized structures / 1x Amotherm Steel Primer WB on black iron
  • Amotherm Steel WB HI applied in multiple coats to reach prescribed quantity
  • 1 x Amotherm Steel Top WB (optional for colored finishes)



5 – 10 – 20 Kg



Classified according to EN 13501 – 2 Tested according to 13381 – 8 European Technical Assessment ETA EPD certification (environmental product declaration) according to UNI EN ISO 14025: 2010 – EN 15804: 2012 Please contact the Amotherm Engineering and Assistance Service for detailed information on consumption: ingass@amonncolor.com


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Supply and application of Amotherm Steel WB water-based intumescent paint, with a VOC of less than 8 g/l, for the indoor protection from fire of new or existing, galvanized or non-galvanized, steel structures. The fire proofing treatment must be carried out by spraying, brushing, using a roller or with an airless pump, applied at any height, either vertically or horizontally and/or at any angle. Before applying the intumescent coating, the surface must be carefully cleaned to remove all traces of oil or grease.


The preparation varies according to the type of surface to be treated. More specifically:

new or existing, non-galvanized steel structures must first be sandblasted to grade SA 2½ (down almost to bare metal) and protected with a coat of Amotherm Steel Primer SB anti-corrosive primer.

galvanized steel structures should be treated beforehand with a coat of Amotherm Steel Primer WB in order to aid the adhesion of the intumescent paint.


The quantity of intumescent paint to be applied to the various steel surfaces to be protected will depend on:

the fire-resistance class required (R)

the section factor of the individual profiles making up the structural framework to be protected

the actual load conditions that determine the critical temperature

the type of exposure to fire of each of the structural elements (pillar, beam, etc.).


For indoor applications, where there is damp and heavy condensation, or in areas where there is weak chemical activity as a result of specific industrial processes, we recommend the application of Amotherm Steel Top WB acrylic topcoat or Amotherm Steel Top SB solvent-based topcoat.

Assessing the protective measures to be taken and determining the thickness to be applied must be carried out based on the contents of the evaluation reports prepared in accordance with the methods laid down in standard EN 13381-4 or EN 13381-8. Intumescent paint certified by European technical approval ETA as required by EAD regulation 350402 – 00 – 1106. Intumescent paint with environmental certification EPD according to ISO EN 14025 and EN UNI 15804 (environmental label type III) as required by Article 34 of the new Public Contracts Code defined by Legislative Decree No. 50 of 18-04-2016 and updated by Legislative Decree No. 56 dated 19-04-2017.


Guideline costs of materials and application by airless spray (excluding scaffolding and any preparation of the surface):

Amotherm Steel Primer WB: € 4,80/m2 (100 g/m2)

Amotherm Steel Primer SB: € 5,20/m2 (150 g/m2)

Amotherm Steel WB HI intumescent paint: €15,50/m2 (for 500 micron DFT – – 0,9 kg/m2)

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