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Mixed intumescent treatment with a protective water-based primer and a solvent-based transparent topcoat, ideal for items made of wood or its derivatives fitted indoors when the natural wood grain is to be kept on show. Rated according to Italian and EU directives.
Product information

Technical features

  • Available in different degrees of gloss
  • Transparent
  • Easy to use
  • Single-component




Transparent varnish treatment used to reduce the reaction to fire of items made of wood or its derivatives fitted indoors when the aesthetic effect must be maintained and which are not subject to mechanical stress or that are subject to abrasion and foot traffic.


Drying time
• Basecoat
 – 12 – 24 hours at surface
 – 24 – 48 hours at depth

 – 6 – 8 hours at surface
 – 24 – 236 hours at depth

– 360 g/m2 of Amotherm Wood WSB + 100 g/m2 of Amotherm Wood Top WSB.
Class 1
– 400 g/m2 of Amotherm Wood WSB + 120 g/m2 of Amotherm Wood Top WSB.


Recommended treatments
• Amotherm Wood WSB in multiple coats to reach the prescribed quantity
• Amotherm Wood Top SB


Basecoat 5 – 20 Kg
Topcoat 1 – 5 – 9 Kg


– Rated Class Bs1d0 according to EN 13501 – 1
– Tested according to EN 13381-7, EN 13823 and EN 11925 – 2
– Rated Class 1 according to UNI 9796/90


  Scheda tecnica
  Brochure Amonn
  Brochure Amonn
  Bruchure Amonn
functional specification modules


Supply and application of Amotherm Wood WSB water-based intumescent paint and Amotherm Wood TOP WSB solvent-based topcoat (transparent treatment) for protecting load-bearing wooden structures from fire.
The fire proofing treatment must be carried out by spraying, brushing, using a roller or with an airless pump, applied at any height, either vertically or horizontally and/or at any angle.
The preparation varies according to the type of surface to be treated. More specifically:


• New raw timber surfaces must be cleaned of any impurities, particularly if they are made of exotic wood, and washed down with nitro thinner to eliminate any resin.
• Old, previously varnished wooden surfaces should be thoroughly sanded down to remove paint residues that are not perfectly anchored to the surface.


The quantity of intumescent paint to be applied to the various wood surfaces to be protected will depend on:


• the fire-resistance class required (R)
the section of the individual elements making up the structural framework to be protected
• actual conditions of load and light and span lengths
• the type of exposure to fire of each of the structural elements and their type (pillar, beam, etc.).
• the type of wood material (solid or laminated)

Assessing the protective measures to be taken and determining the thickness to be applied must be carried out based on the contents of the evaluation reports prepared in accordance with the methods laid down in standard EN 13381-7.

Costs of materials and application by airless spray (excluding scaffolding and any preparation of the surface):
• Amotherm Wood WSB: € 20,00/m2 (for 460 g/m2 equal to 360 g/m2 WOOD WSB
+100g/m2 WSB TOP)
• Amotherm Wood WSB: € 25,00/m2 (for 600 g/m2 equal to 500 g/m2 WOOD WSB
+100g/m2 WSB TOP)
• Amotherm Wood WSB: € 30,00/m2 (for 760 g/m2 equal to 670 g/m2 WOOD WSB
+100g/m2 WSB TOP)

Download application specifications in PDF format