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With over two centuries of history and 7 generations in the leadership of the company, the main element that has remained unchanged are the values ​​handed down over time. They are the cultural ethical heritage that has always guided business activities and decisions step by step and that makes the relationship with our customers, collaborators and partners unique.

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The Amonn tradition resides in the deep bond with the territory, with its history and with people. This value is experienced by all the collaborators who have always been committed to ensuring that the Amonn name is and remains a symbol of professionalism and competence.
This philosophy is the basis of innovation to obtain technologically advanced and unprecedented products on the market. It is also a guiding principle in the management of the company organization, staff training and the offer of services. Innovation above all means openness to new ideas, synergies and the future, while respecting people and the environment. Amonn, however, remains a company on a human scale, made up of people, whose skills and profound knowledge of the subject, combined with high efficiency and flexibility, allow us to be flexible and fast in offering individual consultancy and solutions.