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Amonn is today a modern and international company, capable of responding professionally to its customers.

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With over 200 years of experience and tradition behind it, today Amonn integrates the Color division into its activities with four specialized areas: wood protection, passive fire protection, anti-corrosion for sheet metal roofs, and glues and paints for wooden floors. Amonn positions itself as an innovative specialist in the sector
The various production sites of the various lines work side by side with the research laboratories, where product quality monitoring tests are constantly performed.

The registered office of the J.F.Amonn company is located in Bolzano and houses the management and administrative offices of all divisions. In addition, there is also the main logistics warehouse of the Color Division. Located in the Fiera area, it is a strategic sorting point for our products destined for markets all over the world.

The sales office of the Color division, and the main production site of the AMOTHERM and STUFEX product lines, is located in Ponte nelle Alpi in the Belluno Dolomites. The research and development and quality control laboratory is also located here.

In Zibido S. Giacomo, on the outskirts of Milan, there are the engineering and assistance department and the promotion and key account offices of the line of products for passive fire protection under the AMOTHERM brand. This location is particularly important due to its proximity to the major research and certification laboratories, as well as to the study centers and engineering firms of the most important in the sector.

Site for research and development and production of LIGNEX brand products and BESSEMER is the subsidiary AMONN COATINGS, 100% controlled by J.F. AMONN S.p.A., located in Korneuburg 20 Km from Vienna in Austria.
Part of the AMOTHERM brand products for the Central European market are also produced at this plant.

From a joint venture with a historical local partner, Amonn & L’Aquatec was born, located in Bangkok (Thailand), which produces and markets our products. line for passive fire protection, designed to meet the needs of Asian markets which are currently in full development.