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Amonn is today a modern company with an international outlook providing a highly professional response to our customers’ needs.
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With over 200 years of experience and tradition behind us, the Color Division does business in four specialist areas: wood protection, passive fire protection, anti-corrosion for sheet metal roofs and varnishes and adhesives for wood flooring. At Amonn we see ourselves as an innovative specialist in this sector.

The production sites for the various lines work in tandem with the research laboratories which are constantly testing and monitoring product quality.

The headquarters of J.F. Amonn is in Bolzano where the management and administrative offices of all the divisions are based. This is also home to the main logistics warehouse for the Color Division. Its strategic location near the exhibition centre is ideal for dispatching our products to markets the world over. 

The sales office of the Color Division and the main production sites for the Amotherm and Stufex product lines are in Ponte nelle Alpi, in the Belluno Dolomites, also home to the research and development and quality control laboratory.  

Zibido S. Giacomo, on the outskirts of Milan, is the location for the engineering and technical assistance department and the marketing and key account offices for the AMOTHERM brand of passive fire-protection products. These offices are of particular importance given their proximity to the major research and certification laboratories and the major engineering study centres for this sector. 

 The associated company AMONN COATINGS, in Korneuburg just 20km outside Vienna in Austria and 100% controlled by J.F. Amonn S.p.A., is home to the R&D department and production site for the LIGNEX and BESSEMER product lines.This facility also produces some of the AMOTHERM products destined for Central Europe. 

Amonn & L’Aquatech, located in Bangkok (Thailand) is the result of a joint venture with a long-standing local partner and it manufactures and markets products for our passive fire-protection line destined to meet the needs of the Asian markets which are highly developed these days.