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With over two centuries of history and seven generations of the Amonn family at its helm, the cornerstone of the company remains its values handed down over time. These values are the ethical and cultural heritage that have always guided the company on its business and decision-making journey, enabling us to establish a unique relationship with our customers, workforce and partners.
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The company’s strong bond with the local community and with its own history and people, is the basis of the Amonn tradition. This value is shared by all who work with the company and who remain committed to maintaining it as a symbol of expertise and professional standards. This philosophy is behind our commitment to innovation enabling us to create state-of-the-art products, unrivalled on the market. It is also an essential principle in managing our corporate organisation, staff training and the services we provide. Innovation means, first and foremost, being open to new ideas, to synergy and to the future, always with respect for people and the environment. Despite its current size, Amonn remains a company on a human scale, made up of people whose skills and in-depth knowledge of the business, combined with their high efficiency and flexibility, make it possible for the company to be swift and accommodating in offering tailor-made consultation and solutions.