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The story of a family business with a long-sighted global vision

For over two centuries and seven generations, members of the Amonn family have been at the helm of this company. Their long-sighted vision has enabled it to grow in size and importance, gradually diversifying into new sectors. This is the guiding spirit that led the Amonn family nearly a century ago to embark on their business journey and enter the world of paint.

1802 – The business and artisan activities of the company Amonn date back to 1802. In 1921 industrial production started and in 1924 the first paint shop was opened in Via dei Bottai. Still in Bolzano, in 1946, Amonn started to manufacture its own paints and varnishes. This business is still active today and now the company specialises mainly in the production of varnishes and wood preservative coatings for protecting outdoor wood with the famous LIGNEX brand. In addition to manufacturing, the company extended its local retail business also adding a wholesaler for paints and wallpaper trading under the name of AMONN COLOR Srl.
1986 – In 1986 Amonn acquired the firm Lutz SpA, founded in 1894, based in Korneuburg near Vienna. This operation led to the acquisition of the famous BESSEMER brand of tried and tested products that for over a century had adorned the rooftops of Vienna and whose reputation is seen as synonymous with the protection and enhancement of sheet metal roofing. 
1994 – As part of its diversification policy, in 1994 Amonn acquired the firms ITALVIS and PROTECT that had been dealing with passive fire-protection products since 1972 under the famous brand name of PROTHERM. These two companies enabled Amonn to penetrate a highly specialised new niche market. Both Milan-based companies were subsequently merged under the new company name ITALVIS PROTECT Srl.
1996 – To extend its reach and expertise in the fire-protection sector, Amonn acquired STUFEX SpA in 1996, its head office located in Ponte nelle Alpi near Belluno. STUFEX has been operating since 1965, specialising in the production of adhesives and varnishes for parquet flooring and passive fire-protection systems. This acquisition propelled Amonn into the position of market leader in this niche sector. 
1998 – 1998 saw the start-up of the company AMONN COSMA, resulting from the merger of AMONN COLOR and COSMA ZETAL, the latter a local wholesale company. After a few years the name reverted to AMONN COLOR. This company distributes its own-brand products all over Italy and overseas as well as working locally in close contact with end users, enabling Amonn to achieve vertical integration and acquire skills covering the entire supply chain. 
2007 – 2007 saw the start-up of AMONN & L’AQUATECH in Bangkok, Thailand, the result of a joint venture with a local partner, for the production of passive fire-protection product lines, a response to the company’s successful business development in the Far East.
2008 – In 2008 Italvis Protect and Stufex merged to become the company AMONN FIRE, an operation that also marked the launch of the AMOTHERM brand that has been producing the complete range of passive fire-protection products ever since , all of which comply with EU regulations.
2012 – In 2012, following a merger with a branch of the company split off from AMONN COLOR and COLOR TEAM, COLOR TEAM AMONN was set up. This venture deals with the wholesaling of paint products for bodywork. This merger created a major local hub.
2013 – In 2013 all the companies within the Amonn Group were integrated into JF AMONN SpA, thus giving rise to the Color Division. In spring 2013 the branch of the company dealing with the local wholesaling of paints and varnishes was split off. A merger with PROFI COLOR created AMONN PROFI COLOR Srl, in which Amonn maintained the majority stake, one of the largest wholesalers in the whole of Italy. The operation culminated in the Color Division of JF AMONN being transformed into an industrial hub with 4 areas of specialisation and 4 leading brands: LIGNEX – AMOTHERM – BESSEMER and STUFEX, bringing together a unique skill-set capable of meeting all the needs of national and overseas markets in this sector.