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How to choose the right protective treatment

Wood is one of the oldest and most distinctive natural raw materials. At Amonn we have a passionate commitment to developing products capable of protecting all items made of this material, preserving all its tangible and intangible values, enabling it to be handed on to future generations. 
When we develop Amonn systems we start off with in-depth knowledge of how wood behaves in contact with its three main enemies – fire, atmospheric and biological agents. Amonn develops effective, reliable protective systems for each of these. 
The Amonn team will use all their experience to guide you in your choice of the ideal treatment


When choosing the best treatment, some important factors must be taken into account: where the wood is placed, dimensional stability, climatic stress, initial biological protection and the construction situation.
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How to protect wood from biological attack?

Basic biological protection

Wood placed outdoors or in particularly damp conditions can be attacked by fungus, mould or insects. The right protection must be chosen to guarantee such wooden structures a long life.
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Is prevention better than cure?

Cure and prevention

Protective treatments for wood pose the problem of the use of active ingredients designed to combat bacteria and insects. It is undoubtedly advisable to limit the use of such ingredients, but if these are applied as a preventative treatment, much smaller quantities are required than if the wood has already been attacked, in which case the curative treatment would be far more invasive.
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What is involved in choosing the right wood?

The right treatment for each type of wood.

There are a great many types of wood which not only differ aesthetically but have different degrees of resistance over time. It is essential to know the type of wood to be treated in order to make the right choice.
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What is climatic protection?

Protection from the sun and from water

Sunlight, rain, hail and other atmospheric agents carry out daily attacks on wood located outdoors. Useful advice for long-lasting protection.
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What is the best treatment for garden furniture?

Oil, the elixir of life

The ideal treatment involves the use of protective oils which are more than just a wood-care product, they are a true elixir of life that maintains the beauty of outdoor furniture, decking and other structures over many years. The treatment is easy to apply, just taking a few precautions and following these instructions.
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How to choose the right colour?

Ready- to-use and tintometric colours

Wood varnishes are on sale in a multitude of off-the-shelf colours, but people’s own tastes do not always coincide with what the market has to offer.
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What are the relevant standards?

The right protection for wood

The standards governing wood are extremely useful for finding out the best way of guaranteeing that the wood is protected in every possible risk situation.
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